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Can somebody please rec me some good Marauders fics that aren’t centered around James and Lily getting together? I just want to read about Messrs. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs and their Hogwarts shenanigans of playing pranks and tormenting professors and torturing Snape and BEING THE MARAUDERS

does anybody have any recs for me? Please I’m desperate?


I just love the idea of James or Sirius having some sort of deal going on with the landlord/lady of The Three Broomsticks while they were at school. So that when they wanted it, alcohol would suspiciously appear by the passages between Hogsmede and Hogwarts and money would be left in it’s place.

Mainly because I also love the idea of 15 year old marauders waltzing into the pub like yes hello I have a proposition for you. 


James using his Invisibility Cloak to hide all the chocolate he bought for Remus.

Sirius stealing McGonagall’s notes to try to see if there’s anything on how to turn into an Animagus (and getting detention for weeks).

Peter purposely tripping over other students to let way for Remus when’s it’s almost the full moon and he’s really tired.

Remus thinking about this when he’s casting a Patronus.

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