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Anonymous asked:

Do you think Remus braids Sirius's hair when Sirius lies down on Remus's lap? It's a cute headcanon of mine


Yes. Yes he does.

It’s a bit of a sensitive topic, Sirius’ hair. It hasn’t been short since second year, and Mrs. Potter is the only one allowed to trim it a little in the summers, so by sixth year it’s well past his shoulders. It’s nice and shiny too, soft looking but not greasy, the perfect sort of hair to run your hands through. If you were allowed to, because Sirius will actually hex you if you touch his hair without permission. That, or dramatically fall to the floor.

"My hair! My only weakness! I am dead, goodbye forever!"

"For the last time, Sirius, you’re not Samson." James says as he drags his friend away.

But whenever Remus is sitting down, unguarded and relaxed, Sirius will suddenly appear, wurm himself around until his head is in Remus’ lap and demand, “braid me”

Remus sighs but puts down his book anyway, hands starting to smooth out the tangled knots in Sirius’ hair. “You’re a spoiled puppy, you know that?”

"I’m a delightful ball of joy, now scratch behind my ears while you’re at it."


"Well, well…Lupin. Out for a little walk…in the moonlight are we?"

I have a headcanon that James and Snape always tried to out-fight each other, the same goes for Sirius and Snape…

But Remus and Snape? They always tried to out-wit and out-sass the other. Because Remus wasn’t a man to physically fight. He preferred brains over brawn. And Snape’s quote to James and Sirius in the Hogwarts Express says that he prefers brains as well. I bet these two were sarcastic little sh*ts when they were in school and they would constantly go at each other, neither one wanting to admit that they constantly enjoyed it.

You can just tell by the little smirk that passes Remus’ face when Snape says the above quote. I bet Remus is just thinking, “Touché.” Snape quickly got a move in. But then Remus feigns innocence and claims that he’ll take the map and his smirk turns triumphant because he beat Snape in the end.

If you want further proof that Remus chose sarcastic wit over physical combat, look at what he first says to Sirius about the flesh showing the madness within. And then Sirius wryly mutters, “You’d know all about the madness within, wouldn’t you, Remus?” And Remus lowers his wand and momentarily looks resigned because Sirius beat him at this little battle of wits.

But Remus beat Severus at their little battle of wits and you could just see how proud he was.

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